Innovative knownledge into practical measures
About us
Triathlon research has the goal of getting to the bottom of risk factors surrounding injuries in Triathlon sport as well as evaluating them. Anthropometric, anatomic, sport-scientific, physiotherapeutic, nutrition and material research will all be analyzed in the context of the appearance of injury in order to do this. Specific focus will not solely be placed on injuries but also on the aforementioned factors to determine the role they play.
Our online survey “Evaluation of risk factors to establish preventative measures for injuries in Triathlon sport by means of an epidemiological study”, which we started with in June 2011, enables us to carefully examine specialist Long-Distance Triathletes, athletes who have stood on the start line of a long-distance event at least once. Establishing the links between training habits, physical condition and the onset of injury has come to the fore. All ambitious Triathletes of all levels of competition, who know how disruptive and troublesome chronic injuries and niggling pains can be and who are interested in minimising the chances for these problems, make up our target group. Through this we want to make the sport as injury and pain free as possible. We are aiming for extremely satisfied feedback and are looking forward to 1200 appropriately completed surveys from 50 different nations. We will have detailed information and data regarding the number of participants in terms of the largest worldwide study into this topic carried out thus far. The advantage of the wide scale of the study and the detailed nature of the questions is that we can produce a clear and comprehensive statistical analysis. Athletes can then be separated according to competition level for example (High, Middle, Low) or into their different nations and the data can be analysed accordingly. Our aim is that it is then clear how many hours the average athlete (according to nation) spends training for any particular competition time (x), what level of disciplined training is carried out and what appropriate measures are taken (health supplements, regenerative measures, strength training etc.)