Innovative knownledge into practical measures
Ass.Dr. med. univ. Thomas Fladischer
was born on 17.04.1982 in Leoben (Styria). After graduating from Gymnasium (High School) Kapfenberg, he went onto study Human Medicine at the Medical University of Graz. He was a keen endurance athlete already in his youth, having been crowned Styrian Champion several times and also placing 2nd at the National Championships for Mountain Biking, before changing to the sport of Triathlon during his studies. Here he also found success, winning the Styrian U23 Championships several times as well as becoming a 2-time U23 National Champion over the Ironman distance. Currently he is working an assistant doctor in training to become a consultant at the surgery of the Bruck/Mur State Hospital. Having experienced the frustration of being an active athlete plagued by wounds and injuries during the competitive season, it was his wish to therefore instigate this study, together with his colleagues, in order to be able to develop concepts regarding injury prevention.
Mag.rer.soc.oec., Mag.rer.nat. David Höden
was born on 21.02.1984 in Judenburg (Styria). After having graduated from the local Gymnasium (High School), he then studied Business Economics and Sport Science at the Karl-Franzens University of Graz. In 2006 a shoulder injury forced him to end his professional swimming career and since then he has devoted himself to his roles as a trainer and mentor. He is currently working on his Sport Science dissertation, which is about injuries and training habits in the sport of Triathlon. In addition to this – inspired by his own painful experiences of competitive sport – he has authored a book on the topic “Shoulder Pain in Swimming: Factors, Causes and Consequences.” He is a sporting all-rounder, feeling just as at home with athletics as with swimming, and he is able to look back upon umpteen Regional Championship titles as well as quite a few 1st and 2nd place finishes at the National Championships. He is engaged in working as a Lecturer at the Federal Sports Academy of Graz and also at the associated University Sport Institute, where he shares his knowledge and, moreover, his experience as an active participant in top-level sport and as the recipient of therapy sessions and he also utilises this experience in his work as a trainer and lecturer at swim and triathlon camp workshops, as well as at several children’s and advanced swim camps.
Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sylvia Titze, MPH
works as a supervisor.
Michael Engelhardt
is responsible for the IT sector.